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    Tiveson is a leading car air freshener supplier and specializes in designing and delivering a vast selection of innovative car accessories. Almost our design is well integrated with R7D design, which assures us to fulfill the wants of the client. With many years of development, our company filled with 100 employees who are serious and dedicated to manufacturing with great design and quality. Hence it will be the right place to spend your money on buying a worthier product at a reasonable price. When we come to design an air freshener for cars, we pay special attention to meet all want of the life experience. Our car air freshener made with the help of the metal body, and it is free from alcohol. Each of our solid bars can make use of 20 to 30 days, which gives additional comfort. In our product, the user has adjustable evaporation as per the request, which makes more comfort at all times.

    Almost the Car air freshener supplier becomes suitable for all model cars that you can place an order and enjoy using and get a better experience. Our company always looks straightforward to utilize quality material and elaborated design to make each product. As a result, we have unique and assure you to enjoy a pleasant experience with the customer. Our young team members well know about a new concept of the R&D engineers, and we execute better recognition as well as the reputation in the company, so you assure us to access the brand product every time at a friendly price.

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    Our strict production process guarantees to manufacture the right product with the standard features. We are an ISO 90001 car air freshener supplier and manufacturing company and also obtain management system certification by the year 2015. On hiring our company, every customer received an excellent product quality and also provides excellent customer satisfaction. Each product passes international certification standards and helps to promote innovation and development of all products to make top quality car accessories. We develop car air freshener with all features and also user-friendly that makes it comfortable with excellently making use. Our certified company d manufactures each product to meet customer and also meet the needs of the market at the time of creating value for them. By sign up, customers can get the latest update on sales and other new releases.

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    • 86-755-21014078

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